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Information Services

Enhance your efficiency with effective technology solutions.

We’re here to provide best of breed, leading edge technology solutions for a range of industry sectors, including Mining, Critical Infrastructure, Defence and Facility Management.


Arbitor™ Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM) is a scalable security solution which combines the visual and functional outputs oflegacy security sub-systems, such as CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Alarm Monitoring systems, etc. and integrates them into one common operating picture.

Arbitor™ gives operators complete control of multiple security systems through one portal, providing enhanced situational awareness and the capability to respond faster and more effectively. Ultimately, Arbitor™ provides operational benefits greater than the sum of the systems it integrates.


ArbitorShield™ is a complete turnkey web based CUAV1 platform for the detection and countermeasure of all hobby and sports drones/UAV’s.

ArbitorShield™ is a passive system, it uses innovative RF techniques in an intelligent series of mitigation operations. Firstly, it detects the presence of the incoming drone, then monitors the drone as it prepares to autonomously deploy defeat commands.

1 CUAV – Counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.


DragonForce empowers members of your organisation, whether in the field, a vehicle or in the office, to create and share the information that is needed to ensure their safety and the compliance of your day-to-day operations.

It is a collaborative App for smartphones, Tablets and computer browsers  which allows for tracking of personnel and vehicles on maps and floor plans in real-time. Using GPS or manual dead reckoning, it captures and distributes images, documents and files, while collecting critical information and monitoring lone worker status.

DragonForce achieves this in a secure, shared environment and is iOS, Android, Mac and PC compliant.



Drone as a service solution brings various benefits:

  • Substantial savings through reduction in manpower and less reliance on expensive to install and maintain CCTV systems
  • Increased overall security levels
  • Instant situational awareness and rapid response
  • Routine, pre-scheduled flight missions

Our eye in the sky solution consist of drones and base stations, incorporating powerful C4ISR2 mission control software. Those work together to provide autonomous 24/7 (regardless of weather conditions) physical asset surveillance, using real-time aerial surveillance. Designed for autonomous missions, it provides objects recognition and following, real-time video and data, with reliability and superior performance over rough terrain.

2 C4ISR – Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Multi Spectral Imaging

Our advanced, accurate and reliable concealed object detection system can be used for commercial and defence applications to protect people, property, and privacy through the detection of suicide bomb vests, guns, metals, liquids, powders, gels, aerosols, currency, drugs and other contraband.

Advanced infrared sensors which are sensitive to a fraction of a degree, detect concealed objects by imaging the body’s naturally occurring heat signature and detecting objects under clothing that block or attenuate the heat signature. Heat signature disturbances are displayed by the software and highlighted on a colour monitor, alerting the operator of a potential threat.

Mesh Solution

The patented mesh technology provides multi-hop high bandwidth needed for high-definition and 4K IP cameras wireless surveillance, extremely fit for city-wide surveillance, public transportation, utilities, premises, ad-hoc and nomadic applications.

The flagship products support large-scale and robust wireless video surveillance networking with the highest capacity that can be found in the market operating at the 5GHz unlicensed frequency band.

The system is easily deployed (reducing the need to run Ethernet cable), simply managed, provides optimal network performance and can be exploited both indoors and outdoors.

Find out more about Consec Technology Solutions and how we can customise a solution for you.