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Security Management

Customised solutions to ensure your protection.

Security was the foundation of the Consec Group and has been a consistent focus for over 20 years.

Our uniquely value engineered solutions have included security personnel, hardware and integrated delivery for private and public sector clients across the Nation.

Integrated or standalone our solutions include Access Control, Asset Surveillance, Concierge Security and Event Security.

NSW Master Licence 407637492

VIC Private Security Business Licence 653-882-80S

ACT Master Licence 17502505

ISO Circles ASIALmember


Access Control

Our manpower based solutions provide management of the passage of authorised personnel; ensuring the safety of your employees, visitors and property.

Asset Surveillance

Our optimised mobile patrol and foot patrol programs reduce the vulnerability of high value assets.

Concierge Security

Where the atmosphere requires a personal touch we offer prudently selected professionals as your first point of contact.

Find out more about Consec Security and how we can customise a solution for you.